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About Us

EZMola SA specializes in three major business sectors. These are digital solution driven that focus on providing simple and easy remedies to daily challenges encountered by consumers, small businesses, organizations, corporations etc. We provide easy Mobile Money solutions for transactions, International Remittance and Online Marketplace.

With our digital wallet - EZMola, our customers will be able to able to send & receive money from app to app through a secured unique identifier or QR code. Customers can also use their EZMola to buy products, pay for goods and services including but not limited to; taxi fares, meals, groceries, handyman, pay bills, school fees, tickets, transportation and regular transactions.

Our Marketplace is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade in goods and services. Small and big businesses will have the opportunity to list and showcase their products online which will reach a wider consumer base across the country. These products are held at our fulfillment centers for quality control and fast delivery. Buyers will be able to shop in our Marketplace from any device worldwide. Secured payments can be made with EZMola, Masterard, Visa, Orange Money, Momo and select gift cards. Depending on membership levels, delivery will be from 24 hours - 7 business days.

Our diaspora and overseas customers can send money to their family, friends, businesses and associates in Cameroon through our International Remittance program. With our world remittance, customers can send money through the EZMola digital wallet using any device. Such remittance can be: eMola2eMola, eMola2Bank, eMola2Cash, anytime and anywhere. Our diaspora customers can also pay for services from overseas such as: homes repairs, school fees, bills, tickets etc..

PLEASE NOTE: EZMola SA is owned by EZMola Inc. which is a U.S based organization. Currently we only provides service in Cameroon. Our team is  working on expanding our services to the Central African sub-region and South America.