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EZMola S.A is a Cameroon business incorporated in Limbe in the South West Region. It specializes in three major business sectors. These are; Mobile Money, International Remittance & an Online Marketplace. Our company provides digitally driven systems that focus on providing simple and easy solutions to day-to-day challenges in the cash and unbanked sectors of the economy. Consumers are be able carry out routine, bottom to top level transactions through EZMola platforms. We pride ourselves in simple, safe and secured operations. So trust us.

Mobile Money

EZMola Mobile Money is a digital wallet solution that allows clients to carry out secured cashless transactions for goods and services. Customers can use their mobile phones, computers, tablets to effect successful and secured transactions. Payments can be made by QR codes and Unique Identifier( UI) codes. EZMola also provides payment solutions for bills, cellular data top up, school fees, personal transactions, air tickets, bus tickets etc

International Remittance

Customers in the Cameroon diaspora can use their EZMola digital wallet to send money to Cameroon. Such transactions can be: Mobile2Mobile, Mobile2Bank, Mobile2Cash, Online2Bank, Online2Mobile, Online2Cash, EZMola2Orange, EZMola2MTN, etc. Have a peace of mind as our remittance is safe, secured and instant. Use any device to effect your remittance from the comfort of your home or office.


Our EZMola Marketplace provides buyers and sellers an online mall to trade in goods and services. Sellers have the ability to sell their products to loyal and succinct customers. Customers will benefit from quality controlled products, quick delivery, secured payments and rewards programs. Our sellers can also create their own personalized, customized and self-branded online shops.


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What are people saying about EZMola?

Now I can shop online. After eMola was launched, I could receive money from anywhere in the world at little cost to me. Now I have a eMola digital wallet I can use to buy things online I never could before.


CEO EZ Sports - Cameroon

I highly recommend it! I've only been on eMola one day and I already love it! Super easy to set up, and fantastic customer support. The customer support agent knew exactly what I needed and directed me to the solution I sought. None of the headaches that I encountered with the other guys.


Taxi Driver - Cameroon

Thank you, EZMola. Only with EZMola can I send my money to my family in Cameroon. No other online payment platform is available in Cameroon that is this easy and simple! Thank you,EZMola, for helping me give my family a better quality of life.



They do really stand behind their promises! I recently experience an unexpected problem in receiving an order I had placed. I contacted the Resolution Center and they helped me receive a full refund. The quick process made me appreciate a reputable company like Wallet King and its fantastic and secure means of processing payments. They do really stand behind their promises!


EZMola eStore Customer - Cameroon

Excellent and professional



Simple, easy and rapid transaction I had sending money to Cameroon from my phone with eMola


United States

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